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Prajix is a platform where devs can pitch project ideas, search for existing projects and then collaborate seamlessly. A project-based learning platform that empowers developers to build their dreams, one project at a time.

What is Prajix?




Prajix is a student-led startup with a vision to shape humanity's future through online collaboration. Imagine a place where you can learn new skills, work with people from across the globe, and make a real difference all for free. This is Prajix.


We strive to empower the global community to solve real human problems at scale by providing a free platform to enable collaborative team building, skill development, and knowledge sharing. Together, we can create anything.

How It Works

Start A Project

Describe your project, and instantly find the right people for your awesome idea. Take the hassle out of team building. Join the new generation of open-source collaboration

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Join A Project

Joining a project is easier than ever before. Simply sign up and list your skills, experience, and interests to receive and streamline recommended projects right to your feed

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Andres Ponce

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Designed Around You

New Connections

Expand your network by connecting with other software engineering students through zoom and group chat messaging

Personal Development

Learn from others through our collaboration rooms and gain additional skillsets both technically and professionally

Resume Builder

Showcase the tech projects you've created to potential employers, gaining credibility and confidence along the way

Check Out Our Discord

Discord is the best place to hang out with the Prajix community. Get tuned about new announcements, tweets, feed, and much more. You can also talk with your friends from the Prajix community, via chat or via voice, stream your coding, etc.. Join us today!