Creating The Future One Project At A Time

We find the tech projects you want to work on, and the developers you want on your tech team. A project-based learning platform that helps aspiring developers learn, grow, and develop the future


The Prajix Life Cycle

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Ideation Phase

We begin by allowing users to join an existing project idea, or start their own by listing the project features, goals, and skills required. Starting your own project is a great way to fulfill a personal goal, as well as lead a team of developers while making it happen.

If joining an existing project seems more appealing, then go ahead! Contributing can be very rewarding and beneficial for enhancing your development skills. Your contribution could be anything from minor bug fixes, to new development features.

Team Finding

So you're looking for a team? Awesome! The Team Finding phase of the Prajix life cycle is all about finding the right project for you, or inviting new members to your new project idea venture!

We suggest contributors with projects that we believe they would love to work on. We do this the same way we suggest contributors to project hosts looking for additional team members, through skill level and personal interest preferences. We are able to showcase the right people with the right ideas to create the next dream team looking to change the world! 

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Online Collabin'

So you're involved with a project and have a super team built around it, now what? It's the Online Collabing phase of the Prajix life cycle, this is where we offer a customized team collaboration workspace for you and your team. 

Collaborate using in text chat, integrated zoom calls, or funny cat GIFS, whatever gets the creative juices flowing. Bounce around ideas and designate specific tasks to team members based on their own skillsets.


In Progress*

The Mentorship phase of the Prajix life cycle prepares you to plan, overcome, and avoid the same mistakes others have made over and over again. What better way to line your team up for success than having the proper guidance and mentors who have not only been there but have done the things your team has set out to do.


We plan to filter out the best mentors for the project ideas that you're developing, to cover fields in software development that you may need help with. A true resource to put you and your team in a top tier position for success. 

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In Progress*

The last and final phase of the Prajix life cycle is the Funding phase. Every new software project lacks the proper funds to get off the ground. This can lead valuable ideas with great teams and guidance straight to the grave. Luckily, we plan to curate an invaluable list of angel investors who look for the exact projects in which developers like you are creating.


Not only that, we also plan to put together crowdfunding features for our entire community to chime in with their own support to be part owner of new startup ideas with the potential to make a dent in the future of our humanity. 

Make Connections

Expand your tech network by connecting with other aspiring developers through zoom and group chat messaging

Professionally Develop

Learn from others through our collaboration rooms and gain additional skillsets both technically and professionally

Polish Resumes

Showcase the tech projects you've worked on to potential employers, gaining credibility and confidence along the way