Who We Are

Well, let's start off with who we're not. We're not a corporate-style business, we like to kick back, relax, crack some jokes, and have fun while making a difference. We want to carve out a new wave of how brands communicate with their audience, so why not start with being umm... I don't know human?

We are a fully remote student-led tech startup spread across the United States. Most of our team are complete strangers to one another and have only met virtually. But this is our point, you can create great things with total randos online if you're simply given the right tools and resources as a little guidance. We're just going to put the cherry on top and prove that this is more than possible by showcasing to you our own success!

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Our mission is to empower developers from around the world to revolutionize the future we wish to have through the collaboration of online tech project ideas. We are striving to build the most valuable network of programmers, coders, and developers from around the world into one place, creating a technological powerhouse that will help individuals and communities from all over the globe.