3 Tips For Developers to Land Top Jobs

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

The tech industry is ever-evolving. As you continue to learn more about how it works, you’ll realize that the world is your oyster. There are so many possibilities for developers in today’s job market. If you know the right steps to take, landing your dream career or gig becomes a lot easier.

But it also can be a tough process to land great tech jobs. Employers want to understand how you can help them, not what you know. They want to know that your technical expertise will be an asset to their organization, not just your GPA. And, they want to know that you can properly represent them with your resume and cover letter.

General problems can come up during the search for a new job for developers such as imposter syndrome, lack of clarity, not knowing where to start or how to begin, and perhaps not even having enough time. Before we dive into anything we want to let you know that this is all normal. Landing a top tech job is hard work and can take some time to finally master the skills it takes to get there.

Sometimes these companies won't be the right fit for you, other times you might not be the right fit for them, it's all about finding your balance on where you can see yourself working for a long-term deal.

So at the end of the day, don't take the job searching process too seriously if you get denied or rejected. Keep in mind this is a learning experience for you to better yourself to the best of your ability.

In the spirit of helping our readers, we have compiled a list of actionable tips for developers to land top tech jobs. They are listed in the order of importance so that you can read them all knowing which tips to take on first.

1. Learn How to Sell Yourself and Your Skills

Did you know that every single person in the entire universe who has gotten a job from an employer is a salesmen. Well, you're about to be welcomed to the club. Getting yourself a position at somewhere you want to work requires you to know how to sell not only yourself but the skills you bring along as well.

When you walk into the building or get on that one-of-a-kind Zoom call you need to seem like a breath of fresh air to the people around you. But please, don't overkill it. What we mean by a breath of fresh air is that you bring positive energy, your focused in on what others have to say and you can hold a conversation.

Talking to someone with a low level of communication skills can give you a bad first impression no matter what skills you can actually bring along. Employers are trying to see if you not only have the right skills for their business practices but if you also fit their team culture/environment.

So what can you do? 1. Don't be boring It's pretty obvious, but being boring is, well boring. Spark up the conversation by doing some behind the scene research on your employers. Maybe they have a specific basketball team they love to cheer for, or they can't go a day without Chiptole. Whatever it is just try to connect with them as not only an employer but as a friend. 2. Be confident

75% of the battle in anything in life is being confident in yourself. If you can really make yourself believe that you're more than qualified for the position, that your a great addition to their business, and you know the value you can provide, then in retrospect if they don't employ you who really lost? 3. Offer a solution

Although you're a very interesting person, employers really just want to boil the interview process down to one question: "How do you help us". If you can provide a list of factors, past experiences, and solutions to what their business is involved in that can certainly get them excited about giving you a position.

2. Level Up Your Online Presence

Believe it or not, your online presence is important. It's the virtual version of you, and most people in your life see that version of you much more than they see the living you. Kind of creepy right? But seriously, as an employer I would look at the person’s online presence before meeting them to make sure they were responsible individuals. A developer with a website that promotes an attractive portfolio, good communication skills, and a healthy balance of life outside of work is going to be perceived as a better developer than a colleague that has no online footprint.

What exactly does an impressive online presence look like? 1. Consists of a unique brand

Building a unique brand is about thinking outside the box, following your passions, and making use of new mediums (such as blogs, forums, podcasts, etc.) to reach your audience. Here at Prajix, we have found that engaging in online discussions and social media can be very effective in building a relationship of trust. This trust can be used in creating long-lasting relationships with potential customers.

2. Showcases your professionalism

Developers are professionals who build the things that matter in our world. As such, they have unique skillsets and competencies to leverage when building products. Don't be afraid to showcase the previous projects you have been involved with and how you handled situations. Make yourself look trustworthy to potential employers, review what you have done in the past and incorporate that into a business-like scenario.

3. Highlight your technical abilities

A developer's tools have a lot to do with what makes them stand out from other developers. Great tools help you solve problems. They let you see patterns in code that others miss. They make collaboration easier and faster, allowing you to have instant feedback on what other people are doing and helping you stay on top of new development trends. As you develop more advanced tools, highlight your technical abilities as a developer by focusing on the things that differentiate you from other developers.

3. Show Off Your Portfolio

Projects are a great way to become a better developer in all aspects. First, it gives you an opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable professional experience. Second, it gives you the chance to put your skills to use and take your career to the next level. If you can successfully build a project as part of your job or even before you have a job, it will likely lead to an offer for a higher pay grade and more responsibility down the road.

But the most important reason to build a project is to build a brand. At the end of the day, you need a name that people associate with your work, a logo, and some way to communicate what you do. This is especially true if you're going to be freelancing or you're in college looking to build up your credentials with companies looking to hire experienced workers. Being a developer is mostly about self-taught knowledge. You can either learn everything on your own or look for on-site help when you need it. Learning alone will get you far but building the skills that you need to use open source libraries and use commercial software will take time and effort. When starting out it is best to focus on getting involved with small things in simple ways, this way you are less likely to get lost in the woods and will know where you are going and where you need to go. Developers change the world with their ideas and skills. It's important to build a unique brand for your development projects. It helps reveal who you are as a person, what you're passionate about, and what you're willing to work hard at. Developers shouldn't rely on code they wrote themselves or the work of other developers as their sole source of income. Instead, build relationships with talented individuals who can help you find work as well as the necessary resources needed to get started.

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Through this article you have now covered some of the most important topics developers can practice to land a top tier tech job. But just by simply reading an informational article like this dose not mean you should stop there. You need to implement these tips into actionable steps to reach the goals you set out for yourself. Action is the only thing stopping you from getting to where you want to be, so why not start now!

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