C++ Tech Project Ideas and Frameworks To Build a Strong Portfolio

C++ is a multipurpose programming language primarily used to create operating systems, video games, databases, and browsers.

The following C++ projects are designed to help you show off your creativity and precision with C++.

Let’s dive in!

3D Renderer

Framework: Urho3D

Urho3D is a dynamic framework with integrated input, sound, physics, asset loading, and more. The API is efficiently designed, and the engine comes with 50 different samples showcasing unique features.

Car Simulator

Frameworks/classes: The FuelGauge Class, Odometer Class,

The FuelGage class simulates a real fuelgage like the one you would see in a car. It keeps track and reports how much fuel is left in the tank. The Odometer class keeps track of how far your car has traveled.

Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter

Scientific calculation apps are always an effective way to show your data/mathematical prowess.

Source Code:

Casino Number Guessing Game

Framework/library: cstdlib

The objective of this app is to create and run a code that will ask you to bet a wager, guess a number in a slot-style game, and if the user guesses correctly, then they win money. If the guess is incorrect, they lose money until they have nothing left to bet.

Face Detection App

Framework/Library: OpenCV library

A great way to show your familiarity with AI/ML is through the facial detection app. It’s a fun intermediate project. View the source code here.

Credit Card Validator

Framework: Luhn algorithm

This is a useful app commonly used by companies like Visa and Master Card. The Luhn algorithm confirms whether or not the credit card number is valid and what type of card it is.

Source Code:

Helicopter Game

Remember riding the bus home in 7th grade and everyone was usually playing whatever mobile app was trending at that time? Then you probably remember Jetpack Joyride. The helicopter game is the same concept. You can create the gamer interface using SDL graphics and design a program that will control the altitude of the helicopter using the keyboard.

Source Code:

For more information:,using%20the%20C%2B%2B%20programming%20language.

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