Computer Science Jobs at NASA

Plenty of kids in the U.S. and from around the world dream of becoming an astronaut or working for NASA, but so many never even get their foot in the door. Luckily for software programmers and other CS-related fields, there may be a career at NASA waiting for them. NASA is home to some of the most incredible minds in STEM fields ranging from mission control specialists to aerospace engineers and even software developers. Software programmers are increasingly crucial to NASA’s operations, spanning from jobs here on the Earth examining our atmosphere to careers that concern exploring the outermost horizons of the universe. Here are just a few specialty positions to aspire to once you have the right amount of experience:

Software Engineer- Entry level

Software engineers starting out at NASA can expect to innovate computer systems in ways that could potentially change our world and the way we view our existence as human beings inhabiting the universe. At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), you will help develop mission-specific software to design and code secure software applications for spacecraft, scientific instruments, mission control systems, science analysis pipelines, and IT services. You must be familiar with integrating algorithms and models into software components for recording and analyzing mission and enterprise data.

Data Scientist

As a data scientist, you will be at the forefront of acquiring new information on NASA’s earthly and cosmic discoveries to help your colleagues understand new concepts in science and astronomy. Data scientists work with the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence and autonomous systems at NASA’s disposal. NASA’s Artificial Intelligence, Observation Planning and Analysis Group is currently looking for a data scientist to contribute to fundamental research problems for unique software applications in spacecraft autonomy, scientific data analysis, mission operations automation, and onboard analysis for real-time decisions.

Projects include automation of ground and flight operations for communication hubs, space missions, marine vehicles, and aerial vehicles.

Flight Software Engineer

Typically, a flight software engineer develops and implements flight software that controls and monitors air/spacecraft. Flight software engineers at NASA test critical control, telemetry, and signal processing algorithms that interact with the laser and optical reference cavity subsystems. You would join a highly-skilled team of hardware, firmware, and research electronic and optical engineers to develop the Laser Ranging Interferometer (LRI) performance.

Cybersecurity Engineer

As a cybersecurity engineer, you would contribute to keeping the world’s most esteemed space exploration agency safe and protected from hackers who mean to derail the entire cyber system. Cybersecurity engineers are in charge of researching and developing new capabilities in computer science, software, hardware tools, and techniques that enhance the defense and resilience of current and future cyber systems. This position works with program management, project management, and an array of scientific and engineering disciplines to understand core mission objectives to identify and manage the most vulnerable areas at risk.

Software Systems Engineer

System engineering in software is slightly different from a traditional software engineer. This discipline concerns the overall management of software engineering projects throughout the development lifecycle. Software engineers usually concern themselves with a specific stage of the development process.

At NASA, a software systems engineer should expect to define and manage operational concepts, requirements, architecture, design, interface specifications, and various change requests. They must also provide technical leadership to the entire technical team.


The positions listed above require years of experience and masterful skills in each field. You may not start working for NASA tomorrow, but these are distinguished careers that may change the world and the way we view our place in the universe. At Prajix, we believe that anything is possible when it comes to professional aspirations. With the right practice, determination, and guidance, you may very well be the next programmer to make groundbreaking cosmic discoveries.

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