Easy Checklist To Plan a Successful Launch

Launching your software brings a ton of stress with it. The project you’ve dedicated yourself to for months (or years) is finally ready to meet the world. The anxiety can be overwhelming, and you may not even know where to begin. Keep these tips in mind in the weeks leading up to your official launch date to ensure that it will be as successful as can be.

Set Your Launch Goals

Launch goals will vary depending on each teammate’s department. Developers may focus on releasing the software without any defects. Sales/marketing will be concerned with reaching new customers. The goals should be clear, measurable, and have a schedule.

The most vital goals to keep in mind are the customer goals. How do you plan to keep customers engaged with your program? Maybe set your sights on getting x amount of customers to upgrade to a more advanced version of your software each month.

If you’re not sure where to begin when setting your goals, keep the end-game in mind. How much revenue would you like to (realistically) produce in a specific time frame? This will help you determine the number of customers you need to use your software; then, you can adjust your business model accordingly.

First impressions are everything

Your customers should know immediately what your software does and how it will benefit them. You must clearly define the function of your software, what it can do to improve people’s lives, and the impact it will have on the developer community.

Soft launch

A soft launch is an effective way of testing your program with a finite group of target customers before officially launching. It allows you to take a test run and see how well your software holds up in the marketplace. By releasing it to low-risk clients, you can get more specific feedback, adjust bugs, make additions, and get a head start so your official launch will be as successful as possible.

When finding the right clients for a soft launch, consider going with an existing customer or a credible developer. To ensure precise feedback, you may consider offering the service at a discount price so long as they provide more specific feedback.

Another way to get helpful feedback is to provide a free trial for the beta version of your service. This will make people more willing to try your software, generate promotion, and better understand the kinds of people that need your software.

Know your voice

You can’t enter the market without defining who you are as a company. What do you hope to accomplish with this new software? How do you want the world to perceive you? How do you plan to interact with your clientele? Are you providing a serious service that relies on a factual and informative persona? Or is this a place for young developers to freely express themselves and their ideas?

If you’re ready to launch, then chances are that you’ve known your company’s voice for a while. Now is the time to hone in on that persona with conviction.

Stand Out

Anyone can follow trends, but creating them takes a special kind of skillset bound by creativity, knowledge, and risk-taking. There’s no prize for being the second or ten-thousandth person to modify a popular meme to fit your company’s message. Study your competition and make an effort to be different from them.

Press Release

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have an official press release with appropriate publications in the days leading up to your official launch. Bloggers are a great source for submitting your press release and getting free promotion from a like-minded audience. This gives potential customers ample time to research your software to ask questions and form their opinions.


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