Essential Tools for Project Management

Keeping track of your team members and their progress can be a maze of miscommunication at times. You can’t just upload your entire company’s agenda onto a single document or spreadsheet. Project managers need various online tools to help create ideas, layout schedules, and track progress. Here are some of our favorite tools we use at Prajix to stay organized and communicate effectively for free.


Trello is a work management program used to share ideas, collaborate on projects, organize schedules, and keep day-to-day operations neat and orderly. The Kanban-style application allows you to take notes, organize them into ordered lists, and keep track of quarterly progress.


A personal favorite of ours, notion makes weekly tasks easy and stress-free with its organization template. Track your work from conception to publishing with its easy-to-use category layout. Notion is especially great for the marketing side of your project as it makes collaborating on new ideas seamless and stress-free.


A new and innovative planning/presentation tool, Miro acts as a digital whiteboard where you can map out projects, campaigns, data, and insights in any department of your company/project. Use it to show your next six-month plan or demonstrate new concepts in coding with the graphics tools that are simple enough for anyone to create clear and in-depth plans/outlines.


Slack has increased in popularity in recent years for its effectiveness in business communications. You can create company-wide group chats, private chat rooms, and direct message people instantly for streamlined communication.


Scrum boards, kanban boards, roadmaps, and agile reporting make Jira a must-have for any dexterous dev team. Jira makes it especially easy to present progress to investors and stakeholders.

What is Prajix?

The best way for you to master the world of coding is by placing that world at your fingertips. Our mission is to empower developers worldwide to revolutionize the future we wish to have through online collaboration.

We allow developers to create or join project ideas on our platform, where they can find like-minded individuals to team up and collaborate within our collaboration rooms.

We are striving to build the most valuable network of programmers, coders, and developers from around the world into one place, creating a technological powerhouse that will help individuals and communities all over the globe.

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