Gen Z Entrepreneurs, Stop Waiting Our Time is Now

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

My generation, Gen Z (1996-2012), has been raised on the internet and social media. Has the prime opportunity to do our part within the technology industry. We have had the luxury of growing up and exploring a world that was “pioneered” by our older friends and family. We were the first to take advantage of advancements such as the internet, social media, streaming services, smartphones, and drone technology.

Gen Z has already contributed significantly to the technology that exists today. In the past, people our age did not have the power or advancements to be known because of the era in which they lived in. Now, we have the opportunity to spark innovation and change the world for the better good all in the comforts of your bedroom.

Why is Generation Z so Special?

If you’re a young person like me right now, then there has never been a better time to be alive. Everything is at our fingertips, even if we don’t physically have it in our possession. In the entire time that humanity has existed, no one has had the ease of access to the sheer amount of information we possess. Even forty years ago the closest thing to what we have today was a library. You cannot even compare these resources, the finite information of a library is nothing to the infinity of the internet.

From day one we have an extraordinary knack for technology, it has given us many possibilities in today's world. Our generation isn’t one of business for the sake of business; we are pioneers in redefining what it means to live for a purpose. Simply put, our generation has unique characteristics that differentiate us from Millennials and Generation X – characteristics that prove we are the most entrepreneur-centered on record.

The digital era has arrived and how members of our generation interact with each other has had to change to keep up with the ever-evolving digital age. Up until the present people lived in an age where you had to be physically present to collaborate and communicate, but Gen Z grew up in a virtual environment. We are comfortable working online and being virtually connected rather than physically.

Part 2: Gen Z’s Influence on America and the World

It's no big secret that we’ve already changed today's world. From the way we interact with one another to how we use simple tools to do amazing projects, our predecessors are often left wondering, "How did they do it?" The FOMO (fear of missing out) I, as well as my generation, feel is not only fascinating but troublesome for those who don't understand how we think.

We are constantly looking back as well as looking towards the future we positively predict. The technological changes in our lifetime have been exponentially difficult to predict and have affected the way many people view technology.

In America, success comes from working hard and making the right decisions. Gen Z doesn’t disagree, but we do have a different definition of success than other generations. We don’t want to join a faceless company and climb the corporate ladder for 40 years; 41% of us plan to start our own businesses. Luckily, we grew up with the internet, which makes starting a new company easier than ever.

If we’re not already running a business, we’re freelancing. A full 46% of Gen Z are freelancers, and more of us are choosing to do so than any other generation. And we’re not waiting until we graduate.

YouTube makes the internet even more conducive to entrepreneurship and freelancing, and not just by allowing entrepreneurs like us an avenue to grow an audience. It allows newcomers the opportunity to become stars on our version of TV and grow our brands in the process.

Part 3: Contributions We’re Already Making

Plenty of successful tech companies out there have already made massive contributions with their products and severs. However, the scale of technology changes from generation to generation. I'd like to share a couple of Gen Z entrepreneurs that have already been able to achieve success in these areas:

Tiffany Zhong:

A 23-year-old entrepreneur who co-founded Zebra IQ, an app that helps brands create communities to understand the wants and needs of Gen-Z and Millennial consumers through real-time feedback. Founded in 2017, Zebra IQ has worked with more than 20 companies like Snapchat, Levi Strauss, and Turner Broadcasting.

Oliver Edholm:

An 18-year-old entrepreneur AI-based sales tool for eCommerce.

His company:, is a startup helping online retailers boost their sales “by 4-6%” using a data tool that personalizes recommendations. The company says its software can be integrated by any store “in minutes,” and has already been adopted by the likes of Klarna.

Adam Dalton and Evan Darcy:

Two 22-year-olds who are on the cutting edge of the future of virtual robotics. Their company is Robotify which is a simulation platform that helps students learn to write robotics code. Students, schools, and corporations can pay for a yearly license, which has seen good uptake in the US, including “one of the world’s largest companies.” The company also secured a contract with the EU space agency.


Stop hesitating, take the jump, get started. Gen-Z, we are not too young to be able to have an impact. We have the opportunity to launch ourselves into this newfound age of entrepreneurship. It is as Pablo Picasso once said:

“Action is the foundational key to success.”

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