How to become a React.js Developer

React is a front-end open-source Javascript library created to build user interfaces on UI components1. React developers are in high demand right now, along with developers of various backgrounds, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics2. Entry-level React.js developer jobs can expect an average salary of $86,000 a year, increasing to $119,000 a year after fifteen years of experience3. With jobs and salaries expected to increase steadily over the current decade, now would be a good time to start working on the skills required to fulfill the responsibilities of a React.js developer.


A React.js developer is responsible for the following duties:

- Developing new user-interface features using React.js

- Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future needs

- Translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code

- Optimizing components for maximum performance across various web-capable devices and browsers4

- Study and understand user interactions

- Ensuring applications are stable and easy to manage5


- Expert knowledge of React.js and its core principles (

- Experience with React.js workflows and frameworks such as Flux or Redux

- Experience with data structure libraries

- Expert knowledge and practice of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

- Experience with common front-end tools and pipelines (Babel, Webpack, NPM)

- GIT experience for extra credit

- HTTPS protocol

- Knowledge of algorithms and data structures

- Design patterns and styling

- Practice with API Clients

- Knowledge of utility libraries

- Server-side rendering

- Backend Framework integration6

Timeline and Roadmap

It typically takes about six months to become proficient with the basics of React.js. Ideally, you should commit 4-5 hours per weekday to coding exercises and small projects.7

When building your first projects, start with simple apps and progress further as you become more familiar with the technology. Examples of small projects include, but are not limited to:

- Todo application

- CRUD application

- Note-taking application

- Mini versions of social media apps

Working with other developers through GitHub is an effective way to learn more about React.js, and it will make the learning process more social and fun.

You must ask any questions along the way should you get stuck on a certain problem or developing component. StackOverflow and GitHub are great places to find experienced developers who are happy to answer your questions.8

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