How To Leverage The Software Engineering Shortage

By 2030, 189,000 jobs are expected to open up to software engineers each year in the U.S. (Forbes). Companies are struggling to meet the demand as there is a severe lack in graduates from four-year programs. Similar gaps in employment are occurring in Europe and Australia as well.

Businesses will ultimately get hurt by this employment gap with delays in productivity and fiscal growth. The areas of businesses that are most affected by the shortage are data analytics and IT, mobile, and web design/management.

The problem is worsened by the fact that universities across the U.S. are experiencing a decline in enrollment due to travel restrictions, a sharp rise in college tuition, and limited access to education loans. Also, many young people don’t see the point in enrolling in a four-year program if they will likely have to spend the rest of their lives struggling to pay off the debt.

Investments in technology companies were scattered during the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic, but now that businesses have resumed normal activity, tech companies are experiencing an influx of venture capital. The demand has never been higher, and there isn’t enough talent to meet it.

This means that engineers who are already employed must catch up to learn the latest trends in software and IT development while companies are scrambling to find new employees.

What does this mean for you?

The software engineer shortage can benefit both experienced developers and newly trained ones. Approximately 90% of business operations across all industries are powered by software, which means programmers are arguably the most essential part of any business operation. Of course, the most educated and experienced engineers are needed for their abilities and insight, but companies are shifting towards fresh, young talent as well. Recent graduates of bachelor programs and/or online coding boot camps bring a special point of view to the table with their ability to learn new programming languages and coding concepts quickly and efficiently. They’re sought after for the fact that they are up to date with the most recent developments and industry trends.


This is where the fun begins. As software engineers act quite literally as the backbone of modern businesses, the ball is in their court to name their price. Salary negotiations can be tricky, though. You want to receive the best benefits available without getting over-zealous and blowing the opportunity.

On the recruiters' side, they are in a delicate situation. In most cases today, recruiters need to find the best fit for each role, but with the talent shortage, they are often forced to hire candidates whose qualifications fall short of the company’s needs.

Software engineers—don’t get too comfortable. There has been a recent trend of outsourcing talent to overseas companies that can meet the professional criteria and are willing to work for a much lower price. Outsourcing IT is increasing in popularity because, as the lockdown of the pandemic taught us, people are just as efficient at their jobs when working remotely as they are when working locally/in person.

When negotiating your salary, keep in mind that it is easier for recruiters to hire locally as IT outsourcing is complicated in matters of network security, control over IT services, and overall communication.


The employment gap in software engineering is only going to grow over the next decade. The best thing you can do now is to know your worth and keep increasing it by constantly expanding your skills and knowledge of the industry. See our other blogs for advice on how and where you can attain the skills you need to get the best jobs that are available to you and set yourself up for success as a programmer.

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