How To Prep For Your First Pitch Deck as a Developer

A "pitch deck" is a company's presentation to potential investors to inform them about their enterprise's structure, needs, and future. A standard presentation consists of basic information about what the company does, how they plan to make profits, and what kind of seed money they need to get off the ground. A few basic concepts are essential to the presentation and a coherent story about how you envision the company growing in a specific market.

What to Include:

Company Overview: These are key facts about the company—no need to go overboard here. A few bullet points should suffice, but your mission statement should be clear and concise.

Problem: How did this problem arise? What is its significance, and how does it affect people?

Solution: Why your product is better than others. Segway into product/service slide.

Product/Service: Main features, how it differs from the competition, plans for the future.

Business Model: How will you make money, include a layout of the paid model and how you will acquire new customers.

Marketing strategy: Include information about which mediums you plan to use to spread your message and what methods you've practiced so far. Focus on the kind of voice you want the company to embody when reaching out to new customers.

Competition: Who they are and how you plan to surpass them in growth and influence.

Team: List key team members and what experience they bring to the table.

Financials: What is the current fiduciary state of the company? How much revenue are you bringing in compared to how much you are spending to run the company?

Investments and Funding: How much money do you need? Don't tip-toe around this one, be direct and realistic.

Other Tips:

Create a Narrative

People like stories. It's how they make sense of situations and ultimately how you will convince investors to have faith in your ideas. You need to intrigue investors from the beginning and string them along as you continue. Keep the presentation concise and straightforward in terms of logistics. Still, you need to captivate them with a human story of how your software will make lives easier and rake in profits for both the company and the investors who are funding it. Your argument needs to flow smoothly from one idea to the next. Data and statistics should supplement your message; they should create the framework for the story of how your company will be successful.

Don't claim to know everything.

No investor will take you seriously unless you acknowledge the risks and challenges your company will face in the current market. Be upfront about the competition you face and why they have been successful. Confidence is essential, but no one will believe you unless you take your competition and potential risks seriously.

Know your audience

Try to find investors who are a good fit for your company rather than aiming for the biggest fish in the pond. Consider past projects they've invested in, how much they can offer/how much your company needs, what challenges they face at the moment, and how your project stands to benefit them in that context.

Show, Don't Tell

Give a demonstration of your software in real-time to show investors the experience you are selling. The slides in your presentation should enhance the user experience by creating context around the real-life demonstration. Articulate how easy your software is to use and how people will want to spend time with it.

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