How To Raise Funds For Your Side Project

Side projects can be tricky business; making time, finding a team, and especially finding funding. It’s complicated to raise money for a side project considering that these are smaller endeavors and not as large-scale as building a full startup company. Many developers aren’t sure where to find the exact amount of money needed to keep their smaller projects going.

However, funding these projects is easier in some ways considering their smaller size. Here are a few companies that may be able to help get your next project idea up and running.

Tyk Side Project Fund

Tyk is a company that loans money to side projects in software technology that has potential to grow into a legitimate business. They help developers put together professional business packages and to help them reach new business platforms. They also aid developers in finding new communities to market towards and collaborate with. Tyk fund recipients in the past have raved about not only the financial support to bring their projects to new heights but also the developmental aid and business expertise to help them thrive.

New USA Funding

New USA Funding helps you apply to various grants offered by the US government, corporations, and foundations depending on your project’s function. They allow you to cast a wide net to find potential funding and give you training materials to help you navigate the waters of business technology.

Open Technology Fund

OTF is a nonprofit US government agency founded in 2012 that supports and promotes technologies contributing to the freedom of the world wide web. Suppose your project aims to create more internet access, raise awareness of unjust censorship, promote individual privacy/security. In that case, this might be the best place for you to start your funding search. OTF divides its funding into internet freedom funds, technology at scale funds, and rapid response funds. For more information and to find out if your project matches these criteria, visit

The Awesome Foundation

The Awesome Foundation acts as a patron to new art, science, and technology projects. They are an international network of autonomous philanthropists who fund artists’ and developers’ projects that “forward the interest of the awesome of the universe” ( They aren’t looking for compensation or profit. They grant $1,000 to a winner each month hoping that their project will advance human civilization. Since 2009, they have awarded over $5.5 million to over 5,000 projects worldwide.

What is Prajix?

The best way for you to master the world of coding is by placing that world at your fingertips. Our mission is to empower developers worldwide to revolutionize the future we wish to have through online collaboration.

We allow developers to create or join project ideas on our platform, where they can find like-minded individuals to team up and collaborate within our collaboration rooms.

We are striving to build the most valuable network of programmers, coders, and developers from around the world into one place, creating a technological powerhouse that will help individuals and communities all over the globe.

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