Michael Reeves: Just a Meme or Computer Science Genius?

Michael Reeves is a 23 year old Youtuber/Twitch streamer that is known for his wacky ingenious inventions. He has set the bar and defined the belief that you do not need a college degree to pursue a field in software development or computer science. He even broke the stereotypes that your success in High School will define your success in life. On Offline TV Podcast Clips #6, he openly discussed the fact that while in high school he had a GPA of 1.8, but that was due to his focus developing his computer science skills rather than investing his time into general academics. He even stated that he refocused his efforts into raising his GPA, but realized that the time invested into classes, he will never use, was resulting in him not having enough time to work on his computer science skills. So, he decided to abandon the idea of raising his GPA, and go full throttle into mastering his craft (computer science).

You can find where he talks about this topic at the 2:15 min mark at:

After graduating High School, Michael Reeves decided to try out college at Northern Arizona University which is where he posted his very first Youtube video called “The Robot That Shines A Laser in Your Eye,” which currently has 4.6 million views. After gaining traction on Youtube and realizing that college was taking away time from focusing on his tech skills and Youtube career he decided to drop out and make his passion for tech and making videos his full time career. This is where the question of whether or not Michael Reeves' crazy wacky technological inventions are simply the creation by a man that is a meme or a software genius.

His Creations

Before I continue my discussion, I want to put a disclaimer that this is my opinion based on the parameter of one variable: The different types of knowledge required to build the invention. Additionally, the two inventions I will be discussing is his mind controlled car and an invention that forces you to dab.

Michael Reeves mind control car is plausibly the most difficult and impressive invention I have watched him build. Not only does he need to understand computer science to make this invention into a reality but he also has to understand the relative depth of brain waves, mechanical engineering, robotics, and I am sure much more that I am simply missing. A man that has no formal education in any of the fields I have listed managed to design a program, a robot, and connect that robot to a car to allow the user to control the car's movement.

Additionally, he also designed an electrode invention that forces the test subject to dab. In his video “Electrocuting My Muscles to Force me to Dab,” he goes into depth discussing all the different subjects he had to study to achieve this invention: Electronic and anatomy. After teaching himself both those subjects he managed to successfully create a fully functioning invention that shocks the user in the position of a dab.

So Is Michael Reeves a Meme or a Computer Science Genius?

Now that we have looked at Michael Reeves academic path and two out of his many inventions we can now consider the question; is he merely a meme or a computer science genius? Long story short, he is a Computer Science Genius. There are many ways you can define someone's intellectual ability, but what matters in the end is whether or not you are able to bring that knowledge into application and Michael Reeves manages to show this ability time and time again. Even when faced with the need to study anatomy, brain waves, electronics, mechanical engineering, robotics and so much more he still manages to prevail. While Michael Reeves sense of humor can be considered inappropriate and crude it would be wrong for Prajix not to look at and recognize that Michael Reeves resembles one of the proper values we carry as a company: You do not need a college degree to pursue a tech dream. Michael Reeves is a mad genius that continues to amaze not only his fans but popular Youtubers like Dr. Mike, Ludwig, The Graham Stephan Show, and so many more. For all these reasons, I announce that Michael Reeves is both a meme and a computer science genius.

His Github Open Source Projects

I wanted to add a quick snippet of information where you can find out more about his projects and analyze his code! He has an open source Github that allows you to copy and edit his programs. Additionally, a lot of these programs contain languages such as C++, C#, and Python. So if you are trying to find any open source Python projects, open source C++, or open source C# I highly recommend checking this work out!


Michael Reeves Github:

The Graham Stephan Show & Michael Reeves:

Dr. Mike & Michael Reeves:

Mind Control Car:

Electrocuting Muscles to Force me to Dab:

Michael Reeves Reminiscing On Past Teachers:

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