New and Innovative Ways Employers Are Benefitting Team Members

The past couple of years had been tough on everyone due to the pandemic. It’s still chaotic, and stress levels are sky-high. Fortunately, many employers have stepped in, picked up the slack, and often gone above and beyond in helping shield their teams from turbulence. Not only have they been extra-supportive, but they’ve also been offering innovative benefits that keep everyone’s morale – and productivity – up.

Here, Prajix takes a look at the unique or progressive ways employers are benefitting their team members:

What the world’s best employers are doing

Fortune 100 publishes a yearly list of the best employers to work for. These are companies that offer a great working environment, a supportive culture, and excellent benefits. Below are the top three employers that offered the best benefits to employees in 2021, including what they did differently:

1. Cisco

Cisco has always been an amazing place to work for even before the pandemic hit – and it outdid itself during lockdown as well. The company pushed back layoffs, paid employees even when offices were closed, set up new mental health services, allowed remote work, and instituted “Days for Me” – periods where employees could recharge and focus on their own wellbeing.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is a company that’s at the forefront of the remote-work movement – they’ve given all their 50k+ employees freedom to work from home. This company offers a plethora of benefits to employees, from competitive “wellbeing” benefits and activities to a wholesome culture and work-life balance.

3. Hilton

Hilton is best known for its inclusivity and family-like culture. Every employee is made to feel welcome and a part of a greater whole. The company backs up its supportive culture with excellent perks. The best ones are expanded parental leave, extra bereavement leave, and adoption assistance.

What other companies are doing

Other companies aren’t exactly sitting idle and twiddling their thumbs – they’re doing their bit to support and engage employees (not to mention attract the best talent). Below is a handpicked selection of innovative benefits from the best employers worldwide:

  1. Recognition

Everybody deserves to know their work is meaningful, is valued, and is making a difference. Companies are offering recognition to their employees in various ways: shout-outs, taking them out to lunch, cash and non-cash rewards, more freedom, potluck events, parties, thank you’s, and more.

  1. Coaching and career development

Employees are, arguably, happiest when they are growing. Companies are supportive of employee growth with innovative coaching and career-development initiatives: coaching programs, counseling, educational courses, seminars, and more.

  1. Wellbeing initiatives

Employee health is critical. Employers are supporting employee health in several ways. Some are offering gym membership, yoga lessons, and sports classes. Others are pushing holistic fitness, offering nutritious food, a healthy work environment, and mental health counseling and support.

  1. Exciting team-building events

HRMorning notes that team building events are a great way to keep employees engaged, happy, and productive. They can also be educational, help employees develop new skills, and build up team spirit. These events, whether held at the office or at another venue, are great opportunities to capture the team spirit in a fun way by taking photos. Use a free online picture resizer to quickly adjust the size or orientation of the photos so you can post them on bulletin boards at work or post them on social media.

  1. Out-of-the-box happiness perks

Last, but not least, companies are offering some unique and effective perks:

  • Happy stomach: The best way to an employee’s heart may be through their stomachs. Twitter offers unlimited free meals to its employees. The food is not only plentiful but high-quality to boot.

  • Panda Fridays: The WWF and recently other companies, according to Entrepreneur, are offering every other Friday off – fully paid. These days are called Panda Fridays in honor of the cute animal.

  • Big sports games: Employers are sending employees to games in groups – it’s a great stress-busting activity and makes all the sports fans happy. Employers can purchase tickets for sporting events at discount rates in bulk.


Robust benefits packages demonstrate to your staff that they are important to you (and your company) and that you care about their well-being. It makes employees more loyal and productive and helps build a great work atmosphere besides. Additional benefits – such as tuition assistance, “bring your pet to work” days, daycare for employees’ children, and tuition assistance – can score you extra brownie points.

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Article written by Chelsea Lamb

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