Strategies for Executing a Tech Project

Each of us has a particular way to go about completing projects, as well as personal flaws that delay us in reaching our goals.

However, there are some proven tactics that can help everyone stay on track and deliver quality results for software projects.

Let’s dive in!

Begin with the end

This means you should enter a new software project already knowing what the finished product should look like and how it operates. Mapping out well-defined goals will help you stay on a straight and narrow path to your desired outcome and jump the hurdles along the way.

Project Scope

Determine what will and will not be part of the project in terms of execution to help you carve out an organized schedule and project itinerary. Remember that the scope can change over time, so learn to be diligent and flexible to various changes.

Align each project with a time frame and a goal

Keeping a strict agenda is essential to staying on schedule and possibly even completing assignments ahead of time. Aligning projects with specific goals will help you to build steady progress over time. More important tasks should take priority as they will ultimately lead to a solid project foundation from which smaller tasks can then be supported.

Business value/Business risk matrix

If you’re struggling to accurately rank your project priorities, create a matrix to compare the value of each task and the risk it poses to the overall project if it is not completed.

Analyze security threats

If your software project gets hacked, leaked, or tampered with, you will have to witness months of progress go down the drain in a moment. Carefully scrutinize your current security system(s) and determine which components are important or at risk using another value/risk matrix.

Leverage project visibility

Project managers need to stay up to date with everything that’s happening throughout the team to effectively complete assignments. Utilize platforms that consolidate multiple tools into one and allow you to seamlessly check in on team members and collaborate in real-time (like Prajix;).

Keep your To-Do list short

The same way it helps to start each work day by responding to emails so they don’t pile up, keep your list of smaller tasks to a minimum so as not to get side-tracked by tedious chores and errands. Keep your To-Do list at no more than three to five tasks at a time so you don’t become overwhelmed and have to complete everything at the last minute.

Keep stakeholders up to date with company news

Your stakeholders are your bloodline. Keep them happy, and your problems will never take control of you. Part of keeping them happy means properly managing their expectations so they don’t demand things you can’t deliver. Communicate with stakeholders regularly to stay up to date and maintain good working relationships with them.


Keeping impeccable notes about company activities can be beneficial when it comes to the revision process at the end of a project or for learning from past mistakes before starting a new one. Strict business and technical documentation help you more thoroughly understand certain confusing aspects of each project so you can overcome future problems more easily.


Everyone has their personal style of completing projects that align with their skills and experience, but these tips should be on every developer's checklist. The most important tool, above all, when executing a team project is direct and thorough communication. As long as everyone is on the same page and you maintain a respectful work environment, anything is achievable.

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