Tips To Break Into The NFT Marketplace

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a popular commodity right now, with some artworks selling for millions of dollars. This trend has created a new incentive for designers, digital creators, and artists of all backgrounds to start profiting from their work like never before. Artists worldwide are trying to figure out how they can break into the business and start getting compensated for their talent. We compiled a list of tips for ambitious creators on how to establish themselves in the expansive world of NFT trading.

Top platforms


Currently the most popular digital platform for trading NFTs. Easy to navigate and with over 150 acceptable payment tokens, OpenSea is the ideal place to start in the NFT market.


A flexible platform that accepts not only art, but videos, collectibles, and music can be traded here. The only catch is that Rarible requires users to trade with its personal crypto token, RARI, built on the Ethereum blockchain, and this token is acceptable on OpenSea. You can trust Rarible because of its partnership with Adobe to ensure the security of arists’ creations.


Art, videos, and 3D images can all be traded on SuperRare’s multi-faceted trading platform. They require creators to trade with their self-named crypto tokens. SuperRare is setting out to use its token to build a vibrant marketplace and attract the most illustrious talent available.

Axie Marketplace

Axie stands out for its immersive and fantastical user experience. Axie Marketplace is the online platform for the videogame Axie Infinity. Users use NFTs as Axies, mythical creatures, who can be trained to fight against other users’ Axies and earn rewards for victory. You can condition your Axies to dominate others, seize land, and build your empire.

You will need to use their crypto token, Axie Infinity Tokens (aka Axie Shards), which are built using the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded on a wide range of NFT marketplaces.

How to Sell an NFT

Create an Ethereum wallet: An Ethereum wallet is an online bank account where you can store Ether (ETH), the established currency. Be sure that your wallet supports ERC-21.

You can register on MyEtherWallet, download the Keystore file, set your private key, and save your Ether wallet document for authentication.

After that, you simply add money to your wallet, create accounts on NFT market apps and link your wallet, and start trading.

Marketing your NFT:

Build a community: Besides the most popular social media sites, create accounts on websites like BitCoinTalk, Telegram, and Medium and share educational posts about the NFT trade. Stay connected with your followers by responding to comments and helping them with their most pressing concerns.

List NFT on multiple apps/networks: Cast a wide net to increase the chances of selling your NFT.

Ask Me Anything sessions: Since NFTs are still a relatively new concept, there is no shortage of confused onlookers trying to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the trade. You can hold these sessions on video platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Other Tips

Engage with the NFT Community

Follow artists you admire with the potential to grow and develop. Join chats hosted by Silva and ThankYouX to network and build relationships with NFT artists.

Be genuine

As NFT markets continue to grow at a significant rate, the competitiveness of the market will continue to grow. Creating authentic NFTs that remain unique with the influx of designs right now is your top priority. There are so many derivative works of popular tokens that they simply get lost in the mix. If you can create an exceptionally standout NFT suited for your chosen marketplace, then you might have a chance at success.

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